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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio Product

The Trapeze Networks product line has now been integrated into the Juniper Networks product solutions. Traditional Trapeze customers can use the table below to find the Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio name of the products they have previously purchased.
Trapeze to Juniper product mapping.

The Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio includes the WLC Series (Wireless LAN Controllers), the WLA Series (Wireless LAN Access Points), and the WLM Series (Wireless LAN Management) products.
Trapeze ProductJuniper Wireless LAN Portfolio Product
WLAN ControllersWLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers
Wireless LAN Access PointsWLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points
MP-371 - 802.11WLA371
MP-422B - 802.11WLA422
MP-522 - 802.11nWLA522
MP-432 - 802.11nWLA432
MP-632 - 802.11nWLA632
Wireless LAN ManagementWireless LAN Management
RingMaster ApplianceWLM1200
Location ApplianceWLM1200
RingMaster GlobalRingMaster Global
Ringmaster SoftwareRingMaster Software

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