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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google posts first "Google Glasses" video

Google's Project Glass gets its first public viewing

well, well, well!  It looks like the team at Google [X] has indeed been busy working on the so-called "Google Glasses" project (now known as Project Glass) after all!  And even better, they've been kind enough to post a video of their early efforts:

A guy uses his Google Glasses to do the following:

  • Make arrangements to meet his friend in a nearby bookstore
  • Get walking directions to the store after his glasses inform him that subway service has turned off
  • Locate both the music section of the bookstore and then locate his friend within the bookstore
  • Perform a video chat with another friend in which he shows off his new-found ability to play the ukulele
All of this is done using the glasses' wireless connection, some simple voice commands and an unobtrusive augmented reality user interface that provides you with useful information without blocking your line of sight. Oh, and Google has released some pictures of prototypes for the glasses and guess what? They don't look all that dorky:

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