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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Offering from Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks ( JNPR ) has announced enhancements to its Mykonos security software, which is based on its ground-breaking Intrusion Deception™ Technology that defends against web-based threats in real time. The company has now announced 30 new features for more comprehensive protection from hackers and attackers.
Apart from traditional product networking and services, the company is trying to offer security software to diversify its business model and add new sources of revenue. The importance of the recently acquired Myconos lies in its technology, which for the first time introduces a dynamic element to the fight against hackers first such step to expand into the the security segment..
As a result, the company was able to pioneer the Web Intrusion Prevention System, which uses this "deception-based technology' to detect and divert attacks. The technology lures hackers with deceptive data and then tags and monitors them, ultimately blocking their future threat attempts.
This technology has improved Juniper's security products, a business where the company has struggled to stand up against rivals such as Fortinet Inc. ( FTNT ) and Palo Alto Networks Inc. Web applications are easy targets to cyber threats. Hence, end-users would opt for optimum security to the Web applications at a lower ownership cost.
As a diversification strategy, the company is tightening its grip on the cloud computing market. It recently made significant additions to the Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway solution for customers looking for a comprehensive virtualization security platform.
These newly added functions with virtualization-specific antivirus (AV) will secure and continuously monitor malware and hackers, while ensuring that security does not impede virtualized workload performance or present a barrier to implementing large-scale virtualized environments.
The company is gradually coming up with innovative and user-friendly solutions to cater to a variety of customers in the cloud computing space. Juniper provides innovative solutions to integrate physical and virtual network security at scale with vGW Virtual Gateway and the SRX series. Moreover, the company has also made provisions to provide a tightly-integrated virtual solution for -in-depth protection and centralized security management.
Although the company is adopting new strategies to ramp up its business volume, Juniper's operating performance was mediocre in the last quarter, as Juniper was not able to control its operating expense as a result of an increase in headcount. The company's revenue in the EMEA and the Americas moved up and it also provided impressive second quarter guidance.

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