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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Juniper Is Building Data Center Network For Terra

Terra, a global digital media company has selected Juniper and its QFabric to help build its data center network. Terra has an audience of around 100 million every month for its sports, news and entertainment content. The company has to maintain its service levels and enhance customer experience every day and one of the things that it needed was a networking vendor who would meet its criteria. Terra needed a solution that would scale across multiple data centers and yet keep it simple.

Terra has chosen QFX3500 from Juniper as an onramp to QFabric. Apart from the simplicity of operations, QFabric will also enhance performance and reduce TCO or total cost of ownership.

After the selection of the QFX series, Terra had already finished up with its data center transformation by converting switches into nodes in a single tier. In the near future, events like the 2016 Summer Olympics and the World Cup in 2014 will put a huge demand on Terra’s services.

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  1. With this improvement in Terra's technology, they should conduct several stress tests so that they would be prepared for big events like the 2016 Summer Olympics and the World Cup in 2014.


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