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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Network Management Command - Must Know

Basic and most commonly used to test the physical network

ping -t, parameter-t is waiting for the user to interrupt the test
PING is the most commonly used commands in order to facilitate network management to use this feature, part of the route, such as: sea spiders routing

View DNS, IP, Mac
A.Win98: winipcfg
B.Win2000 more: Ipconfig / all
C:> nslookup
Default Server:
> Server DNS will be changed to a 41.2
Non-authoritative answer:

Network messenger (~) is often asked
Net send computer name / IP | * (broadcast) content, attention can not cross the network segment
net stop messenger stop messenger service, and can also be modified panel - services
the beginning of the net start messenger messenger service

4. Probing the other name of the other computer, where the group, domain and user name (the hunt for the works)
ping-a IP-t, show only NetBios name
nbtstat-a all

5.netstat-a shows all ports open your computer
netstat-s-e a more detailed displays your network, including TCP, UDP, ICMP and IP statistics, etc.
Probe the arp binding (dynamic and static) list, all connected to my computer, display each other's IP and MAC address

7. Bundled IP and MAC address of the proxy server side to resolve local area network within the theft of the IP! :

ARP-s 00-50-ff-6c-08-75
Delete NIC IP and MAC address binding:
arp-d NIC IP

8 Hide your computer in the Network Neighborhood (so they can not see you!)
net config server / hidden: yes
net config server / hidden: no, compared to open

9. Several net command
A. display the current list of workgroup servers net view, without the option to use the command, it will display the list of current domain or network computer.
Such as: View the shared resources on the IP can
C:> net view
Notes in the resource sharing of the shared resource name type uses
Website Services Disk
The command completed successfully.
B. View the list of user accounts on the computer net user
And C. View network link net use
For example: net use z: \ the movie shared directory of the IP mapped to the local Z-disk
D. Records link net session
For example:
C:> net session
Type of computer user name customers open the idle time
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
\ ROME Windows 2000 2195 0 00:03:12
\ ROME Windows 2000 2195 0 00:00:39
The command completed successfully.

10 trace route command
Addition to display the routing,
B.pathping 325S analysis and calculation of lost packets%
In order to bring convenience to the network management, sea spiders route is designed to provide network management: ping tests, trace route (Tracert) subnet (netcalc) subnet (netcalc), whois query, the IP attribution to inquiries, domain name query (Nslookup) With these common tools, network management even easier.

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