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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Effective mobile device management for enterprises


Mobile devices have become an essential facet of modern business operations, used by staff for everything from collaboration to communication. It’s now essential that the proper level of attention is given to mobile device management.

Failure to correctly handle the implementation and ongoing upkeep of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices could lead to lower productivity and possibly even security shortcomings.

This article will explore the growth of mobile devices in enterprise use, different applications within companies and processes and solutions for correct management.

Mobile device management cannot be ignored, and requires the attention of the enterprises operating the technologies.

Growth of mobile devices

Mobile devices are growing in business use, with new highs expected to be reached over the remainder of this year. A new report from research organisation Gartner has outlined the growth of several mobile technologies.

Mobile phone sales have been estimated to reach 1.9 billion units in 2014, representing a 3.1 per cent increase from 2013. Smartphones in particular are expected to make up 88 per cent of global phone sales by 2018.

On the other hand, tablets are expected to slow down, hitting 256 million units. This is a 23.9 per cent increase from 2013.

The next few years could see new mobile devices enter the market, such as wearable computers. These could certainly impact enterprises as they continue to advance and see increased adoption.

Mobile devices within a company

Few technologies have had such a massive impact on businesses as mobile devices, and it’s a certainty that they’ll continue to disrupt operations in the near future.

Mobile devices can overhaul how companies operate, improving communication throughout all levels of the organisation, and enabling greater productivity and collaboration regardless of location.

In addition, the devices can also work seamlessly with new cloud platforms, enabling staff to access necessary information and applications from anywhere with an internet connection. Again, improved devices and faster networks will continue to drive innovation.

Here are two uses for mobile devices within an enterprise:

• Communication – Staff can access enhanced communication through a number of platforms, including video conferencing, calling or messaging.
• Collaboration – Mobile devices can access productivity tools over the internet, so workers can edit documents with other uses simultaneously. Many new platforms operated by enterprises also have cloud and mobile support.

Mobile Device Management

With the proliferation of mobile devices within the business environment, the need for an effective management solution is clear. Mobile device management enables enterprises to manage the rapidly expanding mobile market, and ensure continued effectiveness and ongoing safety.

An effective mobile device management strategy should enable visibility of all mobile device operations within a business, and provide a strong level of security.

Ideally, a strategy can be used to set up devices initially, regardless of operating system, and maintain ongoing security and maintenance as required. Application scanning is also a useful tool, as it can check devices for any potentially harmful applications.

The correct management tools

Using IBM Endpoint Management and IBM Composite Application Management is one of the best approaches for enterprises.

These technologies, along with foundation infrastructure monitoring, ensure a comprehensive management solution is put in place throughout the IT environment.

Endpoint and infrastructure management systems can lower the cost of managing and securing enterprise mobile devices, as well as servers, laptops and desktops. In addition, these systems operate smoothly regardless of whether devices are owned by the company or individuals.

Other benefits also require consideration, such as the ability for companies to quickly isolate problems as they arise. In addition, services can also be prioritised so alerts are generated only when an issue occurs.


Mobile devices offer companies a significant number of benefits, but to see effective ongoing management it’s essential that the correct systems are place.

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