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Saturday, October 25, 2014

SDN Use Cases including Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Network Virtualization, OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking

Use Case – WhatLocationWhy SDN NeededBenefits Achieved
Network Virtualization– Multi-Tenant NetworksDatacenterTo dynamically create segregated topologically-equivalent networks across a datacenter, scaling beyond typical limits of VLANs today at 4KBetter utilization of datacenter resources, claimed 20-30% better use of resources. Faster turnaround times in creating segregated network, from weeks to minutes via automation APIs.
Network Virtualization – Stretched NetworksDatacenterTo create location-agnostic networks, across racks or across datacenters, with VM mobility and dynamic reallocation of resourcesSimplified applications that can be made more resilient without complicated coding, better use of resources as VMs are transparently moved to consolidate workloads. Improved recovery times in disasters.
Service Insertion (or Service Chaining)Datacenter/
Service Provider DMZ/WAN
To create dynamic chains of L4-7 services on a per tenant basis to accommodate self-service L4-7 service selection or policy-based L4-7 (e.g. turning on DDoS protection in response to attacks, self-service firewall, IPS services in hosting environments, DPI in mobile WAN environments)Provisioning times reduced from weeks to minutes, improved agility and self-service allows for new revenue and service opportunities with substantially lower costs to service
Tap AggregationDatacenter/campus access networksProvide visibility and troubleshooting capabilities on any port in a multi-switch deployment without use of numerous expensive network packet brokers (NPB).Dramatic savings and cost reduction, savings of $50-100K per 24 to 48 switches in the infrastructure. Less overhead in initial deployment, reducing need to run extra cables from NPBs to every switch.
Dynamic WAN reroute –move large amounts of trusted data bypassing expensive inspection devicesService Provider/
Enterprise Edge
Provide dynamic yet authenticated programmable access to flow-level bypass using APIs to network switches and routersSavings of hundreds of thousands of dollars unnecessary investment in 10Gbps or 100Gbps L4-7 firewalls, load-balancers, IPS/IDS that process unnecessary traffic.
Dynamic WAN interconnectsService ProviderTo create dynamic interconnects at Internet interchanges between enterprise links or between service providers using cost-effective high-performance switches.Ability to instantly connect Reduces the operational expense in creating cross-organization interconnects, providing ability to enable self-service.
Bandwidth on DemandService ProviderEnable programmatic controls on carrier links to request extra bandwidth when needed (e.g. DR, backups)Reduced operational expense allowing self-service by customers and increased agility saving weeks of manual provisioning.
Virtual Edge – Residential and BusinessService Provider Access NetworksIn combination with NFV initiatives, replace existing Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) at residences and businesses with lightweight versions, moving common functions and complex traffic handling into POP (points-of-presence) or SP datacenter.Increased usable lifespan of on-premises equipment, improved troubleshooting, less truck rolls, flexibility to sell new services to business and residential customers.

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