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Monday, May 2, 2011

Cisco Containerized Data Center 3D Product Model

Cisco Containerized Data Center (CDC) solutions provide a fast, flexible way to expand, complement, or even replace traditional fixed, "brick-and-mortar" data centers.

The modular approach that Cisco has developed adds capacity as needed, and is more manageable and cost-effective. It reduces capital expenditures (CapEx) and provides a potential 30 percent savings in operating expenses (OpEx).

Cisco Containerized Data Center (CDC) offers the following benefits:
  • Timely response to dynamic data center needs: Significantly reduces deployment time for new and existing data center initiatives
  • Flexibility: Can be configured to meet customer-unique business needs
  • Serviceability: Designed for efficient serviceability and to meet power and cooling requirements
  • Optimization: Can be placed in either indoor or outdoor environments with the flexibility to deliver the Cisco CDC to multiple locations
  • Cisco CDC Management System (CDCMS): Integrates multiple components to help ensure the safe and efficient operation of Cisco's modular data centers

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