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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Euronet deploys Cisco's Unified Computing at Budapest data centre

Euronet Worldwide, a provider of secure electronic financial transaction offerings, has deployed Cisco's Unified Computing System at its central data centre in Budapest.

The offering's cloud architecture is expected to enable Euronet to provide hybrid cloud services, serving both its internal information technology (IT) department and also customers, including banks and other financial institutions, in a flexible pay-per-usage model, scaling the capacity to demand.
Euronet said that the Cisco's Unified Computing System decreased the time needed for virtual server implementation and provisioning by up to 95% from the legacy infrastructure.

Additionally, the implementation has resulted in decreased power consumption, cooling and needed rack space, said the company.

The new data centre is based on the Cisco's Unified Computing System, tightly integrated with VMware's vCenter, which provides automated workflows and a scalable, extensible platform, and the existing NetApp systems.

The Cisco's Unified Computing System unites network, computing, storage access and virtualisation resources in a single energy-efficient system that can reduce the complexity of the IT infrastructure, help extend capital assets, and improve business agility well into the future.

Euronet's new data centre contains four Cisco Unified Computing System 5100 Series Blade Server Chassis unified by redundant Cisco UCS 6100 Series Fabric Interconnects.

The computing power is provided by 22 blades in the main data centre and 11 blades in the disaster-recovery data centre. The existing four NetApp FAS3040 storage systems are connected with Fibre Channel and network file system protocols to the Cisco Unified Computing System.

In addition, on the server virtualisation layer, the deployed VMware vSphere 4 Enterprise-plus edition works with a Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch and provides \functionality.

Euronet EFT Europe IT director Milan Glavaski said the joint Cisco, NetApp and VMware offering -- which was implemented by S&T Consulting Hungary gives them the ability to make quicker responses to their constantly changing business needs.

"This deeply integrated offering gives us a lower total cost of ownership, a better return on investment, and a much more agile business infrastructure that can easily address each and every business-related task," Glavaski said.

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