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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Huawei launches virtual desktop in a box


Desktop box connected to cloud aimed at SMEs.

Chinese comms company Huawei has launched three new virtual desktop products aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises.
The Desktop Cloud M1 (mini Desktop Cloud), Desktop Cloud A1 and A2 are based on Huawei’s proprietary cloud operating system and cloud management system software and integrates Huawei’s server IT hardware infrastructure, including servers, networks and storage.
The company said that the integrated systems are aimed at enterprises looking to deploy cloud-based desktop systems as well as reducing IT costs and increasing flexibility and efficiency.
Huawei Desktop Cloud M1 is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in-a-box, designed for SMEs. It said that during product development process, the company focused on balancing SMEs’ IT application and management capabilities with the overall product performance, cost and user experience.
It said as a result, this meant the product could reduces cost and resource demands for deployment and operation. On the back end, the system connects to Huawei’s RH2288 server to use local storage to achieve an integrated Huawei desktop cloud platform, with one server supporting 100 users.
It claimed that when compared to traditional VDI solutions, the system achieved more than 50 per cent savings on the initial investment costs. It said these savings were achieved through centralised deployment and visual, automated operation and maintenance. It claimed deployment times of the desktop were less than an hour.
Its two other systems, Desktop Cloud A1 and A2, use the firm's GalaxEngine cloud operating system and GalaxManager cloud management software to give organisations "an integrated architecture of hardware and software for the unified, automated and dynamic management of virtual computing, virtual networks and virtual storage resources".
Huawei Desktop Cloud A2 is a high-density integrated desktop cloud converged infrastructure mounted on a 2-meter cabinet. A single cabinet can support 1,000 users, with the system supporting a maximum of 3,000 users. Huawei’s desktop cloud converged infrastructure enables system pre-installation to allow for instant on-site deployment with just one click. Users can manage the entire system with operation and maintenance software, allowing for automation and flexibility in service deployment.
Zhang Xiaosong, Marketing Operations Director of IT Product Line at Huawei said that desktop cloud is an important component of its cloud computing strategy.
"Huawei’s desktop cloud solutions have already been deployed commercially across various industries in 33 countries globally, including government, enterprise, energy, finance and education," he said.
"As ICT integration for enterprises grows and evolves, we are confident that Huawei will continue to be well-positioned as their partner of choice for desktop cloud deployments,” said Xiaosong.

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