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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mobily hosts largest O&M information security center

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) hosts the largest operations and management O&M) center of information security in the world to serve the business sector in collaboration with IBM, the global company.

Mobily is in the process of its final stages of launching the largest operations management center of information security in the world to serve the business sector (security operations center) according to IBM’s regulations.

 Mobily’a MD & CEO Khalid Al-Kaf said creating the operations management center of information security began immediately after the signing of the strategic agreement with (IBM), in a move that reflects both parties’ devotion to touch the needs of the business sector as well as the utmost importance of information security in the workflow within the business sector in various directions.

Mobily considers all investment opportunities that will ensure its sustainability in the provision of advanced services for the business sector at the short and long term, and reinforce its leadership and competitiveness, as well as generating a positive financial return that these investments will have on the company and its shareholders, he added.

Al-Kaf said: “The growth rate of Mobily’s business sector will continue to rise significantly and that is based on our data, which will enable us to achieve this goal.

Mobily and IBM signed a partnership agreement for five years last August enabling Mobily to provide comprehensive solutions to IT, as well as new and innovative services for the business sector. Mobily and IBM are investing in the development of IT services, such as information technology, archiving and retrieval information, in addition to providing cloud computing private services meeting all of the Saudi market’s requirements. The agreement will also give the opportunity to cooperate with IBM researches, in addition to strengthening IBM’s initiative for enhanced strategic geographic expansion to increase its presence in key markets.

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