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Friday, December 28, 2012

STC showcases its experience with fiber optics in the FTTH MENA Conference

STC participated in the 4th annual FTTH MENA Conference which was held in Doha under the title "Future at the Speed of Light".

The conference included the participation of key representatives from ICT-QATAR, ITU, and FTTH Council MENA.

Eng. Naser Al Sadoon, General Manager of Marketing in STC's Home Sector, conveyed STC's whitepaper in the conference, through which he discussed effective tools that would promote the future direction to spreading FTTH technology across the region and the globe in general, taking into consideration the increasing demand for broadband services, and the transformation towards the "Smart Homes Concept", in addition to the benefits associated with spreading FTTH use in Saudi society. He also discussed the role that STC plays in providing high-speed Internet and multi-play services, in addition to the Interactive TV "Invision" service.

STC's whitepaper also talked about the modern fiber optics infrastructure that STC continues to work on, by replacing copper networks with the ultra-fast fiber optics. The paper further highlighted STC's success in linking more than 500,000 sites with its fiber optics network, with a reach exceeding 5,500 Km of FTTH spread out across the various regions in the Kingdom, in addition to providing FTTH services to more than 100,000 customers in the Kingdom and future plans to link 1.5 million sites by the end of 2014.

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