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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Juniper Breaking New Ground With the World's Smallest Supercore

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Breaking New Ground With the World's Smallest Supercore

Space and energy are two key challenges faced by Service Providers as they converge and optimize their business. The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router breaks new ground with the world’s smallest supercore, with capacity that is designed to rapidly scale over time up to 24 terabits per second. With this innovation, Service Providers can now install a converged supercore in virtually any space and energy constrained environment. Plus, it is designed to rapidly scale with minimal power consumption.

Meet the PTX 3000

Meet the latest innovation in the PTX line.

The PTX3000 breaks the mold for core routers with game-changing size, performance and efficiency, addressing practical barriers that Service Providers face in upgrading today’s networks. With the PTX3000, Juniper has redefined the upgrade so that one technician can manually hand-carry and install a PTX3000 within a matter of minutes versus hours.

When compared to competing core routing platforms, the PTX3000 router delivers:

  • The industry’s lowest power consumption – up to 1.2Tbps per Kilowatt
  • The industry’s most efficient system design - generating roughly 10,000 BTU of heat for a fully loaded system
  • Leading capacity-to-space ration at over 0.533 gigabits per cubic inch
  • Wire rate forwarding for even the smallest packet sizes
  • The industry’s lowest latency at down to 5 micro-seconds
  • A precision feature set that ensures rapid time-to-deployment, and high reliability

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