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Saturday, November 15, 2014

SDN and NFV Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey

Providers believe that NFV and SDNs and are a fundamental change in telecom network architecture that will deliver benefits in new services and revenue, operational efficiency, and capex savings.

Top drivers for service provider NFV and SDN investments and deployments are:

  • Service agility and quick time to revenue
  • A global view of network conditions across different vendors’ equipment, network layers, and technologies (routers, switches, DSLAMs, mobile core, mobile backhaul, etc.)
  • The ability to simplify provisioning of services and virtualize their networks through a consolidated management plane, obviating the operational tedium of utilizing various vendor-specific management systems

Key findings and recommendations:

  • Nearly every operator we talked to was likely to deploy SDNs or NFV in some aspect of their network at some point—97% will deploy SDN, 93% will deploy NFV, the others don’t know yet.
  • Many carriers in 2014 are moving from their proof of concept (PoC) investigations/evaluations for SDN and NFV to working with vendors on the development and productization of their software that will become the basis for commercial deployments.
  • Operators want SDNs/NFV in most parts of their networks
  • Service providers are targeting many more than these top 5 target use cases (see discussions/definitions later) for NFV in 2014-2015:
    • Business vE-CPE
    • Service chaining
    • vIMS core
    • vCDNs
    • vPE

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