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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What to know about Cisco's NX-API 1.0 update

Courtesy - Matt Oswalt

On his Keeping It Classless blog, author Matt Oswalt reviews Cisco's update of its NX-API, which is now shipping as version 1.0. The API came from Cisco's Nexus 9000 platform. However, the NX-API is a more programmatic way of interacting with a Cisco Nexus switch, writes Oswalt. Although he mentions that Cisco is really just playing "catch up" with the release of the interface, it is worth looking into.

Oswalt reviews specific updates, including the introduction of JSON-RPC -- a format for communicating information bi-directionally. Included in the post are screenshots of how JSON-RPC is used. Oswalt also looks at the NX-API Sandbox, which has a better format despite being not that useful for experienced developers.

Click here for Cisco NX-API 1.0 Update

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