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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Benefits vs. Pain Points in Moving to a Public Cloud

Although public clouds can be easy to adapt to, some environments may not be ready for a cloud initiative. Assessing whether you have the right infrastructure in place is an important and necessary first step. Take the time and evaluate your current position to see if going to the cloud is the right move and the right move now.

The larger the workload, VDI for example, the longer it will take to be delivered. Some core applications require backend database connectivity where a public cloud model may not be the right fit. Before moving to the cloud, make sure your customers have a complete understanding of what will be employed in the public cloud arena. From there, they can make smart decisions about whether a given application or even virtual node is the right fit for a cloud model.

Just as with a local, non-cloud environment, administrators must retain control of their environments. This is especially important in pay-as-you-go models. With little control or oversight, administrators might be provisioning VMs and resources when they’re simply not needed. This is where a public cloud can quickly lose its value. The IT organization must keep a watchful eye on its cloud-based workloads and resources to know what is being use and to be sure it is utilizing that environment efficiently.

The success of almost any new deployment will be user acceptance. If an organization deploys a new public cloud capable of delivering entire workloads to the end-user, there must be core training associated with it. What good is a robust, highly scalable infrastructure if the end-user is confused? Since users are often adverse to change, all modifications should be gradual and well documented. Information passed to the user should be easy to understand and simple to follow. With good training and solid support on the backend, administrators can deliver powerful data-on-demand solutions.
Cloud computing is here to stay -- and with it come the many benefits of a powerful WAN-based platform. Whether administrators need to provision a new workload or test out an application, a public cloud solution can help an organization stay innovative and on top of its business.

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