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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Public Cloud Breaches, Private Cloud Opportunities

Last Months Dropbox scare of possible leaked email addresses, linked to the popular online storage service, offers a unique opportunity for MSPs and cloud providers to educate their customers on the benefits and virtues of private cloud. While these types of public cloud gaffes seem to occupy much of the mainstream media’s attention with regards to cloud, it is important that service providers distinguish their cloud offerings to their customers.

It’s important to remember that those of us who live and work within the MSP and cloud professional
community often have a very different perspective from everyone else. When we read of potential breaches (please note the Dropbox incident seems to be limited to European users receiving spam to their emails associated with their Dropbox accounts) in the non-tech media, it usually seems to be bad news. Someone got hacked, data was lost, a popular online service or website was shutdown or unavailable, something negative tends to be the norm. When you have enough of those stories appearing almost daily, it will have an impact on people’s perceptions of cloud computing. So, what can I do, you may ask? Here are some simple things to remember.

  • Bad news for the cloud usually involve public cloud services.
  • Public and private cloud offerings are completely different on many levels.
  • Most of the mainstream media and public do not understand the distinction between public and private cloud, or if they do, they won’t take the time to clearly articulate those differences.
  • If a public cloud event happens, take some time and educate your customers on the distinctions between public services and private managed or cloud services
  • These moments could become excellent opportunities to discuss transitioning to the cloud in a safe way
  • If anything, it will give you a chance to talk to your customers.

For anyone that thinks cloud is overhyped, you may be right. But, don’t let that prevent you from talking about cloud with your customers. You can take these opportunities and turn them into really helpful teachable moments.

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