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Monday, August 27, 2012

V3 Systems Launches New Intel-based Desktop Cloud Computing Appliance

- Next generation VDI hardware shown at VMworld 2012 provides higher density, faster performance, and reduced cost-per-desktop thanks to Intel's architecture and V3's VMware optimizations -
V3 Systems, the industry leader in Desktop Cloud Computing (DCC), announced today the expansion of its virtual desktop appliance line featuring new Intel processors and SSDs in a streamlined 1U chassis.
V3 Systems will be demonstrating this new line of hardware VDI appliances at booth No. 1809 during VMworld 2012 in San Francisco.
The first two models in the next generation product line are the V-E523 and V-E529 appliances. Both products offer lower costs-per-desktop, faster performance and higher desktop densities for V3's customers.
The models are configurable with up to 1.7 TB of Solid State Storage and 16 CPU cores supporting up to 250 concurrent virtual Windows desktops. V3 Systems certifies the scaling of virtual Windows desktops on its appliances to guarantee every desktop running on its appliance will provide speed and performance of two to eight times that of a typical physical Windows desktop.
"V3 Systems' enterprise and SMB customers are raving about V3 adding the Intel platform to our line of Desktop Cloud Computing appliances," said Peter Bookman, V3 Systems Co-Founder and CEO. "The combination of V3's unique VDI architecture and the new Intel platform translates to overall cost savings, better performance, and higher virtual desktop densities than we've ever seen. V3 Systems always guarantees the same level of performance from the first VM to the last VM on every single appliance we sell. Adding the Intel platform to our new appliances gives us more flexibility to deliver upon that guarantee."
"Intel worked with V3 Systems to test and select the perfect combination of Xeon® E5 processors, SSDs, and Server Boards and Chassis to meet V3 Systems' extremely high level of scrutiny," said David L. Brown, Director of Marketing for Intel Corporation's Enterprise Platforms & Services Division. "V3 Systems guarantees the performance of every virtual desktop running on its appliances, so it was clear that they needed a no compromise solution. The Intel S2600GZ based system with dual Xeon® E5 processors fit the bill perfectly, helping to reduce costs while increasing performance and reliability for V3 Systems' customers."
For further information contact your V3 Systems Solution Expert today at 1-800-708-9896 or
About V3 Systems
V3 Systems is the first and only stack-agnostic desktop cloud management solution in the market today. V3 delivers a Desktop Cloud Computing appliance that offers the flexibility of persistent, non-persistent, and hybrid pool deployment across multiple virtual stack environments such as Microsoft or VMware. V3's Desktop Cloud Orchestrator is specifically designed for the desktop administrator and offers flexible pool creation and management. In addition it provides policy-based pool movement administration for failover, resource allocation, time/usage reporting, geographic pool allocation, and type-switch management (persistent to non-persistent). Delivered with V3's high performance purpose-built desktop cloud appliance, V3 guarantees that its solution will perform faster than any desktop available today with a consistent density and cost for any size of desktop cloud deployment. Simplicity and elegance of design allow swift installation and high end-user satisfaction. Visit to learn more.

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