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Monday, August 27, 2012

Juniper Networks Delivers Unprecedented Scale and High-Performance Security for Virtualized Environments

Newest vGW Virtual Gateway Supports IPv6, Enables Greater Flexibility and Efficiency for Cloud Services Providers 

Today at VMworld® 2012, Juniper Networks, the industry leader in network innovation, announced vGW Virtual Gateway solution enhancements that deliver unprecedented scale for large enterprises and service providers looking to implement a secure virtualized infrastructure, while simultaneously maintaining security, control and compliance.

As demand for cloud services and virtual workloads continues to grow and organizations begin the transition to IPv6, it is essential that security solutions keep pace through greater performance and automation. The latest upgrades to vGW secure both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, enabling enterprises and service providers to offer efficient and secure services to their global customers. Further, new Cloud API and software developer's kits (SDKs) provide tools that automate security configuration, providing significant cost savings and giving cloud service providers the ability to offer their customers better security controls in a virtual environment.

News Highlights  Security: 

  • Upgrades to vGW offer firewall enforcement and policy administration for IPv6 either alone or, optionally, with IPv4 to enable more flexibility and greater efficiency for protecting traffic.

  • Automation:
    • The vGW Cloud API and SDK enable businesses to create customized portals that provide their customers with self-service access to VM and security provisioning on an on-demand basis.
    • New vGW management enhancements facilitate security for large-scale multi-tenant cloud deployments by offering more granular and customizable security segmentation.
      • For service providers with business plans to scale their VM hosting service, this means unprecedented levels of scale as well as high-performance automation and security.
      • For enterprises that need granular layered defenses to protect their VMs, vGW will enable an extremely scalable and cost-effective virtualization security management solution.
    VMworld Speaker Highlights:
    • Johnnie Konstantas, director of product marketing for Juniper's cloud security, and Darrell Hyde, director of architecture for, will present a session focused on 'Securing the Cloud' to be held at Floor Solutions Center on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 11:30 a.m. PDT.
    Supporting Quotes

    "'s Cloud Firewall product, which is powered by the vGW platform, enables our customers to feel secure in our cloud while also providing them a simple, self-service user experience to build and scale their security policies. The scalability, automation enhancements and introduction of IPv6 support in vGW will enable us to build on that experience while ensuring that we're always ready to scale to meet the capacity needs of our customers."

    Darrell Hyde, director of architecture,

    "Trends show that virtualization security continues to be an integral component of the new network and data center. Juniper Networks vGW Series addresses the toughest business challenges customers are facing by providing cloud-enabling, purpose-built security and integrating virtualization security with physical network security. Implementing vGW Series will enable service providers and enterprise customers to deliver powerful high-performance security for virtualized environments of the largest scale."

    Johnnie Konstantas, director of product marketing, Security Business Unit, Juniper Networks


    The Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway will be available September 2012. Juniper will be showcasing live demonstrations of vGW during VMWorld 2012 in the Juniper Networks booth #1517. 

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